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Chloroform market fell slightly (6.17-6.24)

According to the data of business agency, the chloroform market fell slightly this week (6.17-6.24). As of June 24, the price of chloroform bulk water in Shandong was 3112 yuan / ton, down 6.04% from 3312 yuan / ton last Friday.


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Although Jinling and other individual enterprises’ methane chloride plants are operated with reduced load, the domestic methane chloride plants are still operating at a high level, and the supply is still under great pressure. The downstream market demand is stable and weak.


This week (6.17-6.24), the spot price of methanol decreased slightly, and the cost side weakened. According to the business agency, as of June 24, the spot price of methanol was 2655 yuan / ton, down 2.12% from 2712 yuan / ton on June 17.


The downstream refrigerant market of chloroform is running at a high level. With the arrival of high temperature weather, the demand for chloroform is slightly warmer, which has a certain support for chloroform.


Analysts of the methane chloride data of the business agency believe that Jinling unit is operating under reduced load, but the domestic supply side pressure is still on; With the arrival of high temperature weather, the refrigerant demand is supported to a certain extent. It is expected that chloroform will be basically stable in the later period.

On June 23, the asphalt market fluctuated downward

According to the monitoring data of business agency, as of June 22, the average price of petroleum asphalt manufacturers in Shandong was 4680 yuan / ton, down 0.89% from the previous trading day and up 38.89% year-on-year. On June 23, the opening price of 2209, the main contract of asphalt futures, was 4320 yuan / ton, down 210 yuan / ton from the previous day. The weak decline of international crude oil led to the decline of asphalt futures price. Although the basic data still have support, the overall support is limited and the cost side is weakened significantly. In terms of spot, the spot resources of asphalt at the end of the month are tight. In the short term, the domestic asphalt spot market is mainly stable with small movements.

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Nickel price dropped sharply on June 22

According to the nickel price monitoring of the business club, on the 22nd, the average nickel market price was now quoted at 206300 yuan / ton, down 2.79% from the previous trading day and up 56.8% year-on-year.


The currencies of major economies contracted, worries about global economic recession and declining demand rose, and non-ferrous metals generally fell. A large number of nickel ore shipments from the Philippines and the launch of nickel iron production capacity in Indonesia led to an increase in supply, a change in supply and demand pattern and a weakening of nickel price support. The downstream stainless steel plant has raised prices, the spot trading is OK, and the spot price of stainless steel has rebounded. 300 series inventory further decreased, but with the decline of nickel pig iron price, stainless steel cost support also continued to weaken. In addition, most of the steel mills have faced losses. In the future, the steel mills may reduce production or increase production, and the demand for nickel will be weakened.


Forecast: under the condition of strong supply and weak demand, the short-term fluctuation of nickel price is mainly weak.

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On June 21, the price trend of domestic fluorite market was temporarily stable

On June 21, the price trend of domestic fluorite was temporarily stable. The average price of domestic fluorite was 2661.11 yuan / ton. The fluorite trading and investment in the site was general. The mine was generally started under the influence of environmental supervision. The fluorite raw ore price remained high, and the flotation cost of the concentrator was still supported. However, the downstream hydrofluoric acid market remained low. The recent commencement of fluorite units in the North was relatively normal, and the site supply was slightly tight, so the fluorite price in the site was temporarily stable. The mainstream price of fluorite in the field negotiation is stable. The delivery price of 97 fluorite wet powder in Inner Mongolia is 2500-2600 yuan / ton, the mainstream price of 97 fluorite wet powder in Fujian is 2650-2750 yuan / ton, the price of 97 fluorite wet powder in Henan is 2600-2750 yuan / ton, and the price of 97 fluorite wet powder in Jiangxi is 2650-2750 yuan / ton. The market trend of downstream refrigerants is low, and the field reaction is that the supply of fluorite is tight. It is expected that the domestic fluorite price trend will be stable temporarily.

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Aniline trends on June 20

In terms of cost, East China port inventory continued to increase, superimposed crude oil, external market weakened in a wide range, external news was loose, and the domestic market followed suit. Downstream styrene fell and the market was bearish. Today, the price of pure benzene in China is 9300-10000 yuan / ton.


Pure benzene continued to decline and aniline’s profit margin rebounded. Downstream demand is acceptable, aniline enterprises have no inventory pressure, and aniline is operating at a price. Today, the price in Shandong is 11700-11900 yuan / ton; The price of aniline in East China is 12500 yuan / ton.

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