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Sulfamic acid Package: 25kg plastic woven bag lined with plastic packaging, storage and transportation to prevent the sun and rain, not to, and sharp objects mixed to storage warehouse in a clean, dry, prevent moisture. 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg plastic woven bag lined with plastic packaging, storage and transportation to prevent the sun and rain
Storage: store in a clean dry warehouse, anti sun and rain, moisture proof, not with the sharp mixed. Plastic bag packaging. Stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place, storage and transportation according to the general chemical regulations
Toxic protection: This product is low toxic. On the skin and eyes have a certain stimulating effect. Production equipment should be closed, the operator should wear good protective equipment
Safety: dust or solution of eye and skin irritation, can cause burns. Maximum allowable concentration 10mg/m 3. Eye stimulation shall wash with water, or seek medical advice. When the skin contact with water rinse, and then wash thoroughly with soap. Inlet, should immediately rinse mouth, quick hospital diagnosis and treatment. Packed in wooden cases with polyethylene plastic bags, net weight 25kg. Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place. Packaging should be sealed, pay attention to moisture. The transport process to prevent rain and sunlight. Must wear gas mask and gloves when handling the release of the material, mixed with sand or rinse with water. When the fire, can use water, sand and fire extinguishers to save.

Analysis of development trend of thiourea industry in China

Thiourea is an important chemical product, which is mainly used in medicine, pesticide, textile, paper making, electroplating and metal smelting and other industries. Especially is widely used in pesticides, such as can be made insecticidal, fungicidal, acaricidal, nematicidal, weeding, regulating the growth of plants, and kill the rats and other chemicals, can also be for prevention of Citrus scab and control potato germination period.
International thiourea market in recent years has been in a growing trend, the market continues to heat up, the market size is expanding year by year. Due to the performance of thiourea products gradually become apparent, the application has become increasingly important, countries are actively developing and improving thiourea products, product application areas will gradually expand, the market demand will gradually expand.
At this stage, in the world famous thiourea enterprises mainly, Germany’s SKW and France’s SNPA company, the United States ROBECO company and so on.
At present, the United States, Germany, France, China and other countries are the world’s major countries and regions of the production of thiourea. In these countries and regions, the development of thiourea technology is a long time, with a rich experience in production, research and development, leading the development direction of the world’s thiourea. After years of development, the market development of these countries and regions has stabilized. Channels, after years of development and integration, has formed a relatively stable channel structure, in addition to the vendor direct sales team, the distribution industry has formed a mature thiourea distribution market. In the market, the main market share is concentrated in the hands of a few large distributors, the pattern is relatively stable.
The growth rate of global thiourea market is closely related to the development of the world economy. 2010 will begin to gradually rise, the world economy appears to pick up the situation, chemical, pesticide, pharmaceutical, textile and other industries continue to recover to a large extent will stimulate the demand for thiourea. It can be predicted that the next few years, the growth rate of global thiourea market will grow steadily.
Under the background of global economic integration, information technology, market-oriented, international industrial development, showing the new features, industry cluster development, mutual penetration industry development and sustainable development constitutes the theme of today’s industries. Grasp of international industry development trend in the adjustment of China’s industrial strategy through the cluster group to further improve the international competitiveness of industry of our country; through the integration of industrial innovation and cultivate new growth points; the ecological of promoting the sustainable development of the economy of our country.
The major producers and exporters of thiourea products are China, Japan, Germany, mainly for Japan, the United States, Europe, China and Southeast Asia and other places. In the chemical industry, medicine, pesticide industry, the growing background, the global thiourea market will also grow rapidly, especially China’s thiourea market has great potential for development, and become the main market for the rapid growth of the world. With the recovery of the global economy and the development of chemical industry, pesticide, medicine, textile and other industries, as well as the development of industrial technology, will lead to a bright future of thiourea industry.


Competitive analysis of thiourea industry in China

What is the competition situation of the thiourea industry in China? At present, there are not many thiourea production enterprises in our country, the distribution of production enterprises is not balanced, and the regional competition is more obvious. Domestic and foreign brands increased competition, but also accelerated the development of the whole thiourea industry. Below is the competition analysis of China’s thiourea industry.
The main raw materials for the production of thiourea are hydrogen sulfide and lime nitrogen. Hydrogen sulfide can be provided by waste gypsum, which is used to produce thiourea, which not only solves the problem of the waste gypsum residue stacking and pollution, but also expands the scope of production and application of waste gypsum. 1t gypsum is equivalent to 0.25t of hydrogen sulfide, the production of 10 thousand T thiourea requires hydrogen sulfide 4480t, which can be seen in the production of thiourea product supply of sulfur resources have adequate protection.
China gypsum rich in resources, reserves in the forefront of the world, open-pit mining ore accounted for more than 30% of the total output of gypsum, mainly distributed in the northwest Gansu Hua Zhi Si gypsum mine, Ningxia Gan Tang gypsum mine and Qinghai Xining gypsum ore, for the production of thiourea to provide sufficient raw materials, making China become the largest producer of products of thiourea, and occupied a dominant position in the international market.
In recent years, the production of Thiourea in China has a certain development, production capacity of 80 thousand T, more than 20 manufacturers, of which 50% are barium salt production enterprises. If the production of barium carbonate instability, will lead to low hydrogen sulfide gas concentration is too low, so as to reduce the yield of thiourea, the suppression of technical force is relatively weak manufacturers launched thiourea products.
There are part of the refinery for the recovery of hydrogen sulfide tail gas to buy lime nitrogen production of thiourea, this part of the production of thiourea share of about 40% of the market share of thiourea. In recent years, domestic manufacturers have to expand production capacity to adapt to the rapid growth of market demand.
At present, there are not many thiourea production enterprises in our country, the distribution of production enterprises is not balanced, and the regional competition is more obvious. From the production area distribution, mainly distributed in Shandong, Guizhou, Henan, Hebei, Hunan and other places, so these areas of the thiourea industry competition is more intense.
With the rapid expansion of China’s chemical industry, pesticide and other industries, thiourea products to become a major growth highlights of the industry. Domestic and foreign brands increased competition, but also accelerated the development of the whole thiourea industry.
With the rapid development of medicine, chemical industry, pesticide and other industries, the application of thiourea is more and more widely, and the demand is increasing. Uncertainty of the market competition pattern and the expanding demand of the market, is conducive to the development of new enterprises. Thiourea

Supervision Center for amino acid and other 5 kinds of new varieties of food related products opinion letter

According to the “food safety law and the food and related products, new varieties of administrative licensing regulations”, the safety assessment of the Vetting Committee of experts, is now open for amino sulfonic acid etc. 5 kinds of food related products of new varieties. Please send feedback to the national health and Family Planning Commission of health and family planning supervision center.

Nanjing amino sulfonic acid exported to Italy

A few days ago, by the Tangshan Hebei inspection and Quarantine Bureau of qualified, the area of a number of hazardous chemicals industrial grade amino sulfonic acid exports to Italy. This batch of goods by the Lubon North-China Co.,Ltd, a total of 48 tons, the value of more than 40000 dollars, has the completion of the inspection and the smooth export.
In order to ensure the safety of the shipment of goods, the Tangshan Bureau of early intervention, to increase the risk of chemical and packaging management measures to promote the enterprise to carry out classification and identification of hazardous characteristics. Prior to the custom packaging, the board to help businesses review the packaging, marking and dangerous publicity labels, on-site guidance of the lining of the mouth. At the same time, in strict accordance with the standards of the batch of products to carry out on-site inspection and laboratory testing, to ensure the quality and safety of export products.