Nanjing amino sulfonic acid exported to Italy

A few days ago, by the Tangshan Hebei inspection and Quarantine Bureau of qualified, the area of a number of hazardous chemicals industrial grade amino sulfonic acid exports to Italy. This batch of goods by the Lubon North-China Co.,Ltd, a total of 48 tons, the value of more than 40000 dollars, has the completion of the inspection and the smooth export.
In order to ensure the safety of the shipment of goods, the Tangshan Bureau of early intervention, to increase the risk of chemical and packaging management measures to promote the enterprise to carry out classification and identification of hazardous characteristics. Prior to the custom packaging, the board to help businesses review the packaging, marking and dangerous publicity labels, on-site guidance of the lining of the mouth. At the same time, in strict accordance with the standards of the batch of products to carry out on-site inspection and laboratory testing, to ensure the quality and safety of export products.