Analysis of development trend of thiourea industry in China

Thiourea is an important chemical product, which is mainly used in medicine, pesticide, textile, paper making, electroplating and metal smelting and other industries. Especially is widely used in pesticides, such as can be made insecticidal, fungicidal, acaricidal, nematicidal, weeding, regulating the growth of plants, and kill the rats and other chemicals, can also be for prevention of Citrus scab and control potato germination period.
International thiourea market in recent years has been in a growing trend, the market continues to heat up, the market size is expanding year by year. Due to the performance of thiourea products gradually become apparent, the application has become increasingly important, countries are actively developing and improving thiourea products, product application areas will gradually expand, the market demand will gradually expand.
At this stage, in the world famous thiourea enterprises mainly, Germany’s SKW and France’s SNPA company, the United States ROBECO company and so on.
At present, the United States, Germany, France, China and other countries are the world’s major countries and regions of the production of thiourea. In these countries and regions, the development of thiourea technology is a long time, with a rich experience in production, research and development, leading the development direction of the world’s thiourea. After years of development, the market development of these countries and regions has stabilized. Channels, after years of development and integration, has formed a relatively stable channel structure, in addition to the vendor direct sales team, the distribution industry has formed a mature thiourea distribution market. In the market, the main market share is concentrated in the hands of a few large distributors, the pattern is relatively stable.
The growth rate of global thiourea market is closely related to the development of the world economy. 2010 will begin to gradually rise, the world economy appears to pick up the situation, chemical, pesticide, pharmaceutical, textile and other industries continue to recover to a large extent will stimulate the demand for thiourea. It can be predicted that the next few years, the growth rate of global thiourea market will grow steadily.
Under the background of global economic integration, information technology, market-oriented, international industrial development, showing the new features, industry cluster development, mutual penetration industry development and sustainable development constitutes the theme of today’s industries. Grasp of international industry development trend in the adjustment of China’s industrial strategy through the cluster group to further improve the international competitiveness of industry of our country; through the integration of industrial innovation and cultivate new growth points; the ecological of promoting the sustainable development of the economy of our country.
The major producers and exporters of thiourea products are China, Japan, Germany, mainly for Japan, the United States, Europe, China and Southeast Asia and other places. In the chemical industry, medicine, pesticide industry, the growing background, the global thiourea market will also grow rapidly, especially China’s thiourea market has great potential for development, and become the main market for the rapid growth of the world. With the recovery of the global economy and the development of chemical industry, pesticide, medicine, textile and other industries, as well as the development of industrial technology, will lead to a bright future of thiourea industry.