[new process] magnesium method desulfurization by-product – seven water Magnesium Sulfate refining new process

Magnesium oxide method flue gas desulfurization is a mature technology, economic reasonable, reliable operation of wet desulfurization technology, using cheap, low grade industrial magnesium oxide MgO85% as a desulfurization agent, especially suitable for magnesium mineral rich areas.
Magnesium desulfurization by-product mainly for Magnesium Sulfate, the common way to deal with a direct way to abandon the law, Magnesium Oxide regeneration method, Magnesium Sulfate recovery method. Direct abandonment process is simple, but the waste of resources, emissions by GB 8978 “sewage comprehensive emission standards” appropriate treatment, discharge standards, more common in small desulfurization system. Magnesium Oxide regeneration method is the MgSO4 and MgSO3 calcination decomposition, recycling MgO for desulfurization, recycling SO2 used for the production of sulfuric acid, complex process, high cost of renewable, suitable for sulfuric acid industry desulfurization system. Magnesium Sulfate recovery process is also more complex, but the value is high, the prospect is broad, applicable to large and medium-sized desulfurization system. The conventional recovery process of magnesium desulphurization by-product (Magnesium Sulfate) generally increases the additional evaporation crystallization heat source, the energy consumption is higher, not the economy.
    Lubon North-China for large-scale magnesium method desulfurization system design in the seven water magnesium sulfate purification process available minimal investment, to the lowest operating cost and the minimum equipment failure rate, high-quality products, magnesium sulfate heptahydrate income in line with industrial grade heptahydrate magnesium sulfate quality refers to the standard (see table).
For the refining technology of desulfurization by-product magnesium sulfate heptahydrate, to ensure the quality of products, is the key for the removal of heavy metal ions, by Newth Taryn integration tower, also dust removal, desulfurization, and do not interfere with each other. To be flue gas in most of the dust and heavy metal ions removal has been immediately desulfurization produce magnesium sulfite, oxidation obtained magnesium sulfate solution, magnesium sulfate after pre processing, crystallization refining, centrifugal separation and drying process, industrial grade magnesium sulfate heptahydrate.
Among them, the heat required for Magnesium Sulfate crystallization system comes from boiler flue gas waste heat, greatly reduce energy consumption.
In the condition: the flue gas is 200 thousand Nm3/h, the flue gas temperature is 140 degrees, the SO2 content of 1000mg/Nm3 takes off to 35mg/Nm3, and the annual running time is 7000 hours.Magnesium sulphate (sulfate)