The market price of ammonium nitrate rose in October

On October 31, the ammonium nitrate commodity index was 121.05, which was flat with yesterday’s record high in the cycle, 56.46% higher than the lowest point of 77.37 on October 31, 2016. (Note: cycle refers to 2013-02-01 to now).


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In October, the price trend of ammonium nitrate Market in China rose, up 8.66%. Some of the devices of ammonium nitrate manufacturers in China were shut down, the supply was reduced, and the price of manufacturers went up. Recently, the supply of goods in the field was tight, and the domestic price kept rising. However, the shipment market of ammonium nitrate manufacturers has not changed much. The downstream purchase is on demand. Due to the impact of environmental protection control, the domestic downstream civil explosive industry still stops production. The domestic ammonium nitrate manufacturers have limited start-up, and the market price of ammonium nitrate is rising. Up to now, the negotiation mainstream in Shaanxi is 2300-2400 yuan / ton, that in Shandong is 2300-2500 yuan / ton, and that in Hebei is 2400-2500 yuan / ton.


In October, the price of concentrated nitric acid fell sharply, down 30.1%. Jiangsu Hongze Yinzhu Chemical Co., Ltd. offers 1600 yuan / ton; Anhui Jinhe offers 1600 yuan / ton; Shandong helitai offers 1600 yuan / ton. Anhui Aodeli offers 1650 yuan / ton; Wenshui County synthetic chemical offers 1600 yuan / ton. In recent years, the domestic maintenance devices have been restarted continuously, the supply of concentrated nitric acid market has increased, and the on-site delivery situation is general. Affected by the negative factors, the price of ammonium nitrate Market has not changed much in mid to late October, and the price of raw material nitric acid has declined significantly, which is a negative impact on the ammonium nitrate Market.


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In October, the overall supply of liquid ammonia in the upstream market was loose, and the unit operating rate of the enterprise was slightly higher. The staggered peak and limited production in Shanxi Province and limited transportation in Wuhan, Hubei Province lead to the tight supply of liquid ammonia in some regions. However, the start-up of other liquid ammonia enterprises is still at a high level. As the liquid ammonia plant in Hubei Province enters the recovery period in the middle and late ten days, the price of liquid ammonia has declined. In addition, in the near future, manufacturers in Anhui Province have maintenance plans. In the next month, the operating rate of liquid ammonia enterprises will be reduced, and the local liquid ammonia market may pick up, but nationwide, the overall trend of liquid ammonia is still not optimistic. The upstream liquid ammonia Market as a whole has not changed much, and the market price of ammonium nitrate has increased.


In the near future, the demand of the downstream civil explosive industry is not getting better, the market demand for ammonium nitrate is limited, the inventory of ammonium nitrate manufacturers is high, and the market price of raw materials falls, so the market price of ammonium nitrate loses cost support. Ammonium nitrate analysts of the business association believe that the demand for ammonium nitrate may rise in the later period, and expect that the market price of ammonium nitrate in the later period may maintain a high volatility.

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