China’s domestic bromine market in lightly stable operation

1、 Price data:


According to the data monitoring of the bulk list of business associations, at present, the domestic bromine market is in a weak and stable operation, and the enterprise quotation is maintained at about 30111 yuan / ton, down 13.97% from the same period last year.


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2、 Cause analysis


Products: at present, domestic bromine production enterprises have been operating at a high level, with an overall operating rate of about 70%, abundant spot supply in the market, a certain amount of enterprise inventory, but within the normal range, the market demand for downstream flame retardants is soft, the industry starts poorly, and the price support for bromine is insufficient. At present, mainstream bromine enterprises offer about 29500-30000 yuan / ton.


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Industry chain: at present, the upstream market of bromine varies in strength and weakness, among which the sulfur market keeps stable operation, at present about 513 yuan / ton; the sulfuric acid market stops falling and stabilizes, at present about 297 yuan / ton; the caustic soda market is stable in the middle and upward exploration, at present about 487 yuan / ton; the soda market is weak operation, at present 1333 yuan / ton left and right. The overall operating rate of the downstream flame retardant market of bromine has declined. Affected by the epidemic situation, the export end support is not good, the buying atmosphere in the industry is general, the starting of pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates and other industries is flat, and the overall demand is soft.


3、 Future forecast


According to the bromine industry analyst of business association, at present, the domestic bromine enterprises have started steadily, and the bromine output is rising steadily. Although the quantity of imported bromine is declining, the price support for domestic bromine is limited. Because the downstream flame retardant market demand is not getting better, the bromine market has a trend of oversupply, and it is expected that the domestic bromine market will run slightly and stably in a short time.

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