The trend of cryolite price this week was stable (5.25-5.29)

1、 Price trend


According to the data of the business club’s bulk list, the market price of cryolite this week was weak and stable, and the average market price in Henan Province was 5500.00 yuan / ton in the week, which was stable compared with last weekend’s price, down 13.61% compared with last year. On May 28, the cryolite commodity index was 66.80, unchanged from yesterday, down 34.00% from 101.21 (2011-10-31), the highest point in the cycle, and up 0.68% from 66.35, the lowest point on September 5, 2016. (Note: cycle refers to 2011-09-01 to now).


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2、 Market analysis


According to the monitoring statistics of the business association, the price trend of cryolite this week has been running steadily. As of the 29th, the factory price of cryolite in Shandong is about 5000-6800 yuan / ton; the factory price of cryolite in Henan is 4500-6000 yuan / ton. At present, the quotation of cryolite enterprises in Henan Province is relatively low, and most of them are sold on a single basis. Zhengzhou Tianrui grain Co., Ltd. has started about 70% of the project at present. There is a lot of demand in the downstream and the inventory is acceptable. The quotation in the week is mainly stable.


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Affected by environmental protection policies and health events in the early stage, the upstream raw materials are in short supply, and downstream users purchase on demand. At present, the raw materials slowly pick up, and the demand for them begins to recover, and it is expected that the demand will start to increase in the later stage. In terms of upstream fluorite, the price trend continued to rise this week, with the average domestic market price at the weekend of 2655.56 yuan / ton, up 3.02% in the week. At present, the operation of domestic fluorite manufacturers is stable, the operation of mines and flotation devices in the site is normal, the delivery of fluorite in the site is improved, and the market price of fluorite is slightly higher.


3、 Future forecast


According to the cryolite product analyst of the business association: in terms of the supply and demand performance of the cryolite market, the manufacturers start normal operation and have sufficient inventory, but the downstream demand gradually recovers and the demand has increased. The upstream raw materials slowly pick up and lead to good results. In the later stage, the cryolite market may be sorted up, with specific attention to the market demand.