The price of silicon metal surged 5.04% in 4 days this week, with a monthly increase of 11.37%

On November 26, the average price of domestic silicon (441) market rose sharply, by 1.35%.


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According to the data of business agency, on November 26, the average market price of domestic silicon metal (441) was 13716.67 yuan / ton, an increase of 5.04% compared with the average market price of 13058.33 yuan / ton on Friday (11.20), 11.37% higher than the average market price of 11650 yuan / ton at the beginning of the month, 10491.67 yuan / ton compared with the average market price of 7.1 in the year, an increase of 30.74% and 11833.33 yuan / ton compared with the average market price of (1.1) at the beginning of the year, The increase was 15.92%.


The price of 441 silicon in different regions on May 26 is as follows:


The price range of silicon metal in Fujian is 13100-13200 yuan / ton, that of Sichuan is 13500-13600 yuan / ton, that of Kunming is 13500-13700 yuan / ton, that of Shanghai is 14200-14400 yuan / ton, that of Tianjin port is 13800-14000 yuan / ton, and that of Huangpu port is 13700-13900 yuan / ton 。


Recent positive factors


1. The silicon production in Yunnan has been reduced


On the news, Yunnan Dehong silicon plant started to reduce production orderly in the middle and early November due to power restriction factors. The reduction and shutdown of metal silicon factories in Yunnan increased, and the regional output reduction was expected to intensify.


2. Tight spot at trading end


At present, there are not many spot metal silicon stocks available for trading in the market, and the market is in a good situation. The stock holders are not worried about the situation. The willingness of some large manufacturers to raise prices is increased, which encourages the market to be bullish.


3. Strong downstream demand


The demand of downstream aluminum alloy plants is strong, and the price of silicone DMC is soaring, which directly leads to the raw material market. In the near future, the downstream reserve capacity has increased and the demand is strong.


Price of silicone DMC in soaring price


Price list of polysilicon in one of the three downstream markets:


4. The export volume of silicon metal increased in October


According to customs data, the export volume of silicon metal increased by 10.6% year-on-year in 2020.


Future forecast


The rise of downstream price is beneficial to the price of raw materials to a certain extent; combined with the recent tight spot situation, it is expected that the rising state of silicon metal price in the near future will probably continue.

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