Raw materials fell, isopropanol prices fell this week (5.6-5.13)

1、 Price trend

Isopropanol prices fell this week, according to commodity data monitoring. The average price of isopropanol in China was 9266.67 yuan / ton last Thursday and 8866.67 yuan / ton this Thursday. The price fell by 4.32% in the week.

2、 Market analysis

Figure: price trend comparison of acetone and isopropanol from March to May

Isopropanol prices fell earlier this week. Internationally, isopropanol in the United States closed lower on May 11, while isopropanol in Europe closed lower. Up to now, the negotiation range of isopropanol in Shandong Province is about 8500-9000 yuan / ton, and that of isopropanol in Jiangsu Province is about 8700-8800 yuan / ton. Zhejiang isopropanol negotiation range is around 8700 yuan / ton. Raw material acetone fell, the operating rate of East China acetone isopropanol plant increased, the tense situation of spot supply was eased, coupled with the obvious wait-and-see mood in the downstream, the general situation of on-site inquiry, the on-site trading atmosphere of isopropanol was not good, and the price was obviously reduced.

In terms of raw material acetone, the domestic acetone market fell significantly this week. The average price of domestic acetone was 8225 yuan / ton last Thursday and 7600 yuan / ton this Thursday. The price fell by 7.6% during the week. After the festival, the Hong Kong stock increased significantly, the factory orders decreased slightly, the downstream terminal factory replenishment enthusiasm was not high, the on-site order inquiry situation was general, the on-site trading atmosphere was poor, the on-site actual orders continued to decline, and the low price offer continued.

In terms of raw material propylene, the overall price of propylene market increased slightly this week, but the overall rate was not large. The average price of domestic propylene was 8268.45 yuan / ton last Thursday, and 8378.45 yuan / ton this Thursday. The price rose by 1.33% in the week. At present, the propylene market has no pressure on inventory, some units are still under maintenance, and the supply is slightly tight. Some enterprises suspended the quotation, and the price rose slightly.

3、 Future forecast

Isopropanol analyst of chemical branch of business society thinks: at present, foreign export orders are general. Domestic raw material acetone fell, the operation rate of acetone isopropanol plant in East China increased, and the shortage of spot supply was eased. In addition, the lower reaches were more wait-and-see, and the buying was cautious. Isopropanol is expected to continue to decline slightly in the short term.

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