Enterprise unit maintenance, acetic acid price increases

According to the bulk data monitoring of business society, the acetic acid market was sorted upward. On the 29th, the price of acetic acid was 5983.33 yuan / ton, up 2.28% from the previous working day. As of July 29, the market prices of acetic acid in various regions in China are as follows:

Region, On June 28, June 29th , Price rise and fall

East China, 5800-6350 yuan / ton, 5900-6350 yuan / ton, one hundred

South China, 5750-5850 yuan / ton, 5900-6000 yuan / ton, one hundred and fifty

North China, 5600-5700 yuan / ton , RMB 5600-5800 / ton, one hundred

Shandong region, 5850-5900 yuan / ton , 5950-6000 yuan / ton , one hundred

Jiangsu region, 5700-5800 yuan / ton, 5800-5900 yuan / ton , one hundred

Zhejiang region, 7800-7900 yuan / ton , 5900-6000 yuan / ton , one hundred and fifty

Hebei region, 5900 yuan / ton, 6000 yuan / ton , one hundred

The domestic acetic acid market rose slightly. Huayi acetic acid plant in Guangxi and Anhui stopped due to failure, and individual acetic acid enterprises increased their quotations. East China, North China and South China all increased to varying degrees. At present, the inventory of acetic acid market is sufficient, the downstream demand is general, traders just need to buy rationally, the purchase is limited, enterprises have more transactions and negotiate for shipment, and the actual transaction price of acetic acid is low, The market trading is relatively stable, the atmosphere in the venue is mainly wait-and-see, and there is little room for short-term increase. In the later stage, the acetic acid market will be sorted and operated, and the trading situation in the downstream market will be observed.

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