Views on the rise and fall of acetic acid price on January 25

Trade name: acetic acid


Latest price (January 25): 5890 yuan / ton


Key points of analysis: today’s acetic acid market was sorted and operated. The average market price in East China increased by 20 yuan / ton, or 0.34%, compared with the previous working day. The domestic market is dominated by wait-and-see consolidation. The start-up of acetic acid enterprises is relatively high, the market supply is sufficient, the preparation of goods before the downstream Festival is close to the end, the demand is weak, the inventory of acetic acid enterprises remains rational, the quotation of individual manufacturers is slightly increased according to their own shipment situation, the overall market maintains light and stable operation, and the mentality of on-site operators is wait-and-see.


Future forecast: the short-term acetic acid market will be sorted out on the sidelines and will remain stable before the year, with specific attention to the market supply.

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