Tin price rose on September 27

On September 27, the mainstream quotation range of 1 # tin ingot in the domestic spot tin market was 185500-188500 yuan/ton, with an average price of 187000 yuan/ton, up 4000 yuan/ton from the previous trading day.


On the night of the 26th, the US dollar index hit a new 20 year high again and closed at 114.69. The metal market was under general pressure. In the night market, Shanghai Tin rose by 3.37% against the trend. In the morning market of the 27th, Shanghai Tin continued its overnight trend and rose by more than 3%. By the end of the 27th, the main contract of Shanghai Tin closed at 177190 yuan/ton, up 5.07%.


In the spot market, the refinery quoted actively this morning, with a heavy attitude of price fixing. However, as the price rebounded today, the trade market trading was slightly light, and it was generally wait-and-see oriented. When the price was low a few days ago, the stock had been basically completed before the festival, so the market today was generally cold. There is no obvious change in the supply and demand, which is still a pattern of weak supply and demand. In terms of supply, the supply of imported goods increased significantly, the quotation of imported goods in the market increased, and the domestic tin ingot supply was relatively loose as a whole. The overall performance of downstream demand is not outstanding, and procurement on demand is maintained. As the overall inventory of tin is low, it is obviously affected by macro disturbance and capital. The business community expects that the future tin price will still be affected more by macro influence, mainly maintaining a wide range of shocks.

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