Sluggish demand leads to a decline in ammonium sulfate prices (5.29-6.5)

1、 Price trend


According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of the Business Society, the average factory price of ammonium sulfate in China on May 29th was 784 yuan/ton. On June 5th, the average factory price of ammonium sulfate in China was 746 yuan/ton. This week, the price of ammonium sulfate decreased by 5.08%.


2、 Market analysis


The market price of ammonium sulfate fell this week. The domestic market for ammonium sulfate is weak and has been sorted out, with limited export orders and no improvement in the market. The downstream composite fertilizer market is generally weak, with on-demand procurement being the main focus. This week, urea prices rebounded, which is laterally positive for the ammonium sulfate market. As of June 5th, the mainstream factory quotation for coking grade ammonium sulfate in Shandong is around 630-690 yuan/ton. The mainstream factory quotation for domestic ammonium sulfate in Shandong is around 730-780 yuan/ton.


This week, the downstream compound fertilizer market was volatile and organized, with slight fluctuations in the market. The trend of compound fertilizer raw material ammonium phosphate is not good, and the raw material urea has rebounded and risen, with acceptable cost support. Downstream replenishment is based on demand, with corn fertilizer orders being the main shipment, and new orders being negotiated for one more order.


3、 Future Market Forecast


According to ammonium sulfate analysts from Business Society, the domestic ammonium sulfate market has undergone a slight adjustment in recent days, and domestic and international demand remains weak. Downstream restocking as needed, with a small amount of new orders traded in the market. Under the favorable situation of urea rebound, it is expected that the ammonium sulfate market will stabilize and consolidate in the short term.