Stable cost support and strong PA66 market after rising

Price trend


Recently, the domestic PA66 market has shown a strong trend. According to data monitoring from Business News Agency, the mixed benchmark price of PA66 in China was 19333.33 yuan/ton on September 15th, with a price increase or decrease of+4.88% compared to the beginning of the month.


Cause analysis


In mid September, the market situation for PA66 was relatively strong, and overall, spot prices for various brands have increased. In terms of supply, the overall load of the domestic PA66 industry remained at around 65% this week, operating horizontally compared to the previous period. The production line situation of the enterprise has remained basically unchanged, and the on-site supply of goods has been further digested. The support from suppliers is still acceptable. Terminal enterprises still focus on maintaining production while maintaining normal inventory levels. On site stocking is mainly based on demand, and the demand side has a moderate support for spot goods. On the upstream side, the domestic supply of hexamethylene diamine has maintained a tight pattern, and the market has remained stable with minor fluctuations. The adipic acid market continued to rise this week, with the trend of raw material pure benzene maintaining a strong momentum. The promotion of PA66 spot prices on the cost side is relatively strong. Affected by cost and supply side benefits, the price of PA66 remained stable after rising this week.


Future Market Forecast


The spot price of PA66 is relatively strong in mid September. The overall price trend of raw materials is relatively strong, and the support for the cost side of PA66 is still acceptable. The load of PA66 enterprise is almost horizontal, the inventory position has been digested, and the supply support is stable. The demand side still focuses on maintaining production, and the acceptance will be affected to some extent after price increases. It is expected that PA66 will continue to operate strongly in the short term.