January 4th Week Potash Fertilizer Market Weekly Report

This week, the price of potassium chloride in neighbouring trade has fallen significantly, and other markets have also fallen steadily and quietly. The price of potassium sulfate has fallen slightly, but the market has not improved. Due to the restriction of logistics pressure, the price of potassium chloride pre-sale in border trade fell abnormally during the Spring Festival. At present, the price of 62% white potassium has fallen below 2200 yuan/ton. The price of potassium sulphate factory in Hebei area is lower than that of port supply. However, importers say that the pre-sale situation is still acceptable, and the pressure in the later period should not be very large. The price of port market has declined steadily and faintly, with 62% white potassium table. The mainstream of price quotation is still 2500-2550 yuan/ton, but the transaction price of large orders is basically lower than 2500 yuan/ton. It is rumored that the transaction price of some core customers is even lower. The price difference between 60% white potassium and 62% white potassium is larger than the 20 yuan/ton previously maintained for a long time, especially the local price of 62% Degabai has also fallen significantly to less than 2350 yuan/ton. To be Salt Lake Share, the company’s new price is being worked out in February. The rumored quotation remains unchanged, but some concessions may be offered to ensure holiday receipts. The return of 60% Dahong granular potassium Market ports is not obvious, the mainstream quotation is still around 2550 yuan/ton, and the preferential space is not very large, but the price of large granules squeezed by frontier trade and Northeast market has fallen in varying degrees, and overall is large. Granular potassium chloride is in a situation of no market, although it is short of goods. Some traders are worried about the future market. In addition, the international price of potash fertilizer has remained stable and has not increased significantly in the past three months. Generally speaking, the market stagnated during the Spring Festival, and the market psychological expectation was weak after the festival. The quantity of goods arrived was more than expected, and the cost space remained. It is expected that the price of potassium chloride will continue to decline.

Magnesium Sulphate

Mannheim’s potassium sulfate start-up rate is low, but not particularly low. The pressure of the remaining stock of potassium sulfate is very big and difficult to ease. The overall market of potassium sulfate is not ideal. The price drop is not obvious for the time being, but the trend of weakness remains unchanged. With the continued decline of potassium chloride and the adjustment of each factory according to its own stock and by-product situation, it is expected that the high-end price of potassium sulfate will continue to fall, and the price gap between the high and low end of the market will gradually narrow. If demand is not strong after spring, the overall price of potassium sulfate will still have a greater downward possibility.

Sulfamic acid