A Brief Analysis of Potassium Chloride Price on April 8

The price trend of potassium chloride in China is somewhat uncertain, and the industry has different expectations for the future market. At present, most sellers say that the pressure is within control, and the rising demand and logistics as well as urea and other fertilizers have supported the market. The official price document of Salt Lake in April hasn’t been issued yet, but it is basically determined that the quotation is stable and the monthly rebate increases by 50 yuan, which is a supplement to the previous market decline, and the impact should not be too great for the time being.

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In addition to Lianyungang because of excessive supply and prices are still low, the price of potassium chloride in the port has stabilized and gradually showed a small upward trend. At present, 62% of the price of white potassium is 2350-2400 yuan/ton, and the turnover is 2350-2380 yuan/ton. The high-end is mainly for scattered small orders or chemical customers. The price of 60% Dahong granules in Northeast Port has risen to 2440-2480 yuan/ton, which is mostly in the low-end for the time being. The other ports offer 2400-2450 yuan/ton.

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The potassium chloride supply of frontier trade in March has been sold out, and most of them have been delivered. The order of April has only been signed for a few days, the vehicle number has not been issued, and the arrival time is uncertain. At present, the market of potassium chloride in frontier trade is in a state of no goods available for sale and no quotation at present; 60% of the extruded Dahong granule supply is still tense, and the factory is carrying out the pre-order, and the quotation of Manzhouli factory with a small quantity of extruded reaches 23. About 50 yuan per ton.

Port self-extraction: 60% red powder 2250-2350 yuan; 62% white crystal, powder 2350-2400 yuan; 60% red particles 2400-2480 yuan. Frontier trade boards: 62% white crystal and powder are out of stock for the time being. 60% of the large factories in China reach 2170-2350 yuan, while 57% of the small factories leave 1650 yuan.

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