The domestic methanol market rose and fell on May 15

Price Trend

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According to the price monitoring of business associations, as of May 15, the average price of domestic methanol market was 2 260 yuan/ton, and the domestic methanol market prices rose and fell mutually.

II. Market Analysis

Products: Domestic methanol market shows a regional trend, with both ups and downs. As for port market, futures market continued to decline under the influence of Sino-US trade war, while East China port declined, while South China market rose slightly under the influence of some factors such as delayed arrival. In the mainland market, there is no inventory pressure in the main production areas of Northwest China. Underground receipts in North China and South Shandong are still acceptable, with a slight increase in some areas. The trading atmosphere in Henan and Anhui is not good, the overall market is weak, and local transaction prices are weak.

sulphamic acid

Industry chain: formaldehyde: downstream demand is normal, formaldehyde recent trading is general; raw material prices rise, cost-side boost, formaldehyde with raw materials show a rise. At present, Linyi in Shandong Province is around 1180-1200 yuan/ton, Zibo and its surroundings are around 1400-1450 yuan/ton. Acetic acid: The mainstream of domestic glacial acetic acid market is stable, and individual prices are weak. The warehouse pressure of enterprises in North and East China is not high, and the inventory in Northwest China is declining rapidly. Therefore, the main offer is stable, and some of them are only slightly shallow. Domestic off-season, demand is still cautious, just need to purchase. However, recent export transactions have been heard, and the monthly turnover is estimated to be the normal level. Dimethyl ether: The market trend of dimethyl ether has stabilized and declined individually, downstream purchasing on demand, manufacturers’inventory is still on the high side, but the willingness to support the market is obvious. It is expected that short-term domestic dimethyl ether Market or cross-market consolidation will dominate.

3. Future Market Forecast

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Business Cooperative Viewpoint: On the positive side, the equipment: the maintenance of some devices in the field has not ended, and the local supply side is tighter; downstream: some downstream areas are still acceptable, some slightly pushed up; main production areas: at present, there is no inventory pressure in the Northwest region, some of the sales are suspended, and the state of mind in the field is firm. On the bearish side, futures: affected by the Sino-US trade war, the futures market continues to weaken and the trend is not good; on the demand side, with the end of the current downstream phased replenishment, some downstream stocks are sufficient, while the local demand side is weak; on the cost side, the price of coal and natural gas is at a low level, and the cost support is relatively limited. Methanol analysts from business associations expect that the domestic methanol market will show a differentiated trend in the short term.