Market price fluctuation of cyclohexanone

I. price trend


According to the monitoring data of business agency, as of November 5, the latest price of cyclohexanone in China was 7600 yuan / ton, down 16.02% month on month and 41.09% year on year. The domestic market of cyclohexanone fluctuated at a low level.


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II. Market analysis


Products: at present, domestic cyclohexanone manufacturers have made it clear that there are not many offers. The shipping level of enterprises is around 7600-7800 yuan / ton. Most of them supply supporting downstream production demand, and the inventory level is low. South China’s cyclohexanone market is weak in operation, and the weakness in the upstream has an impact. The negotiation reference is 7900-8000 yuan / ton. The buying intention tends to be near the low-end, with more low-cost goods, general supply of goods and limited demand for solvents. The market of cyclohexanone in East China followed up the decline in the upstream market, with reference to 7800-7900 yuan / ton for negotiation. A few of the selling prices were slightly higher, the buyer’s intention tended to be near the low end, and the low price was dominated by replenishment on demand. The downturn in the downstream market had a negative impact.


Industrial chain: pure benzene: Asian pure benzene Market: in January, the sales intention of goods is 615-618 US dollars / ton FOB South Korea. Domestic pure benzene Market: weak situation of East China pure benzene market was sorted out. The negotiation reference was 5150-5250 yuan / ton, some of the buying was slightly low, and the far monthly negotiation was 5000-5050 yuan / ton. Weak external market had a negative impact on the market, and the continuous decline of inventory restricted the market.


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Caprolactam: the US dollar market of caprolactam has been kept in order, the offers of merchants have been temporarily stable, the inquiry atmosphere of downstream factories is light, there are not many actual orders in the market, and the main market negotiation reference is 1330-1350 US dollars / ton. Caprolactam liquid market maintained consolidation, and the main real single negotiated price in East China market was 11400-11500 yuan / ton (delivered by acceptance within 6 months), which was stable compared with last Friday. Caprolactam business offer is temporarily stable, the focus of market negotiation is low-end. Downstream just need to buy mainly, the market trading atmosphere is light.


III. future forecast


On the positive side, rigid demand is relatively stable. On the negative side, the demand is insufficient; the market of downstream products is low; the price of pure benzene is declining. The upstream and downstream continue to maintain a weak position, the solvent market demand is weak, business community cyclohexanone analysts expect that the domestic market for cyclohexanone will continue to maintain a weak trend in the short term.

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