The market of dichloromethane fluctuates greatly

Market Overview:


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According to the monitoring of bulk data from the business agency, the dichloromethane market in Shandong Province has been in great shock. The average price in early February was about 2330 yuan / ton, and as of February 11, the average price was about 1900 yuan / ton, down 18.45%. On February 12, dichloromethane rose 200 yuan / ton, up 10.53% per day.


Market analysis:


Products: affected by novel coronavirus pneumonia, except for the parking of Jinmao plant in Dongying, the production of dichloromethane in Shandong area has generally started about 5. Due to the limited transportation, the shipment of enterprises is not smooth, the pressure of the warehouse is increasing, the price of dichloromethane has continued to drop after the spring Festival. In February 12th, Shandong Jinling stopped completely, and the spot supply of the market dropped further, and the enterprise immediately raised the offer. At present, the quotation in Shandong is about 2000-2100 yuan / ton; that in Jiangsu is about 3000 yuan / ton; that in Jiangxi is about 2750 yuan / ton.


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Industry chain: in the upstream, the natural gas market has been adjusted by shocks, with a quotation of about 3000 yuan / ton as of February 12; the methanol market is not well started, mainly consuming inventory, and the overall demand is poor, at present, it is about 2147 yuan / ton; the liquid chlorine market is at a low starting point, and the spot supply is tight, at present, it is about 300-500 yuan / ton. In the downstream, the domestic refrigerant market is basically closed, with stable price operation; the pharmaceutical agricultural market and solvent industry are under construction, with poor rigid demand and insufficient support for dichloromethane price.


Future forecast:


According to the data analyst of methane chloride of business association, affected by the epidemic situation of new crown virus, domestic dichloromethane enterprises have poor delivery and obvious storage pressure. Affected by the overall shutdown of Jinling, the spot supply has declined to a certain extent, and it is expected that the market price will fluctuate in a short time.

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