PA66 price weakness continued in May

1、 Price trend


According to the data of the business club’s bulk list, the domestic market of PA66 continued to be weak in May, and the quotations of various brands were weak. As of May 31, the average price of the mainstream offer of PA66 is about 18800.00 yuan / ton, a decrease of 5.53% compared with the average price at the beginning of the month.


Sulfamic acid 99.80%

Analysis of influencing factors:


In May, the price trend of adipic acid in the upper reaches of PA66 continued the weak trend of last month. The price was weak and the market was calm. According to the data of business agency, adipic acid fell by only 0.61% in May, with the increase and decrease of dealers’ quotation mainly showing each other, with the range mostly fluctuating in the range of 100-200 yuan / ton. In terms of upstream cost, the rebound of crude oil is good for downstream petrochemical industry, and pure benzene upstream of adipic acid is also affected by the rebound. However, it did not bring fundamental benefits to adipic acid. On the one hand, the cost transmission has a certain lag effect. On the other hand, in the early February and March, pure benzene dropped by more than 50%. In terms of market supply, the operating rate of enterprises in the whole month remained high, at more than 80%. The supply of goods is relatively sufficient, and the manufacturers have been accumulating inventory, and the inventory pressure remains high. And the delivery strength is not good. At present, although most dealers have returned to normal delivery, the downstream demand has not reached the pre epidemic level. On the whole, the current market has shown a trend of both high enterprise inventory and market inventory, and later market de stocking may continue. In a comprehensive consideration, adipic acid will still shake and adjust at the bottom in the near future, and it will take time to get out of the haze.


sulphamic acid

The upstream adipic acid did not support the cost side of PA66, and the market price of PA66 continued to be weak. In May, the whole month is green, and the spot market atmosphere is solemn. This month’s 5.53% average price index also showed a slow decline trend. The high frequency of spot price decline was small, which reflected the lack of mentality of the industry and the long-term impact of supply-demand contradiction on PA66. On the supply side, the spot performance of PA66 is still sufficient, and the starting load of downstream plants is low. Recently, PA66 plastic consumer water products are in the off-season, which is also the peak season for maintenance. There are few inquiries in the market, a pessimistic atmosphere, few transaction news, and the main contradiction is still the supply and demand.


Future forecast:


Business analysts believe that: in May, the domestic market of PA66 continued to decline. The spot price of adipic acid in the upstream is stable at a low level, which is weak to support the PA66 cost side. The rate of downstream factories returning to work still needs to be improved, and PA66′s demand for goods is very limited in the off-season. The background of the contradiction between supply and demand in the market remains unchanged, and the confidence of the operators in the future market is insufficient. It is expected that PA66 market will not improve in the short term.