Weak operation of bromine market in China

1、 Price data:


According to the data monitoring of the bulk list of business associations, as of June 23, the price of bromine in Shandong continued to be weak. At present, the average price is about 27277 yuan / ton, down 8.91% compared with the same period last month, and down 20.93% compared with the same period last year.


2、 Cause analysis


Products: at present, some enterprises in Shandong have shut down their facilities and the spot market supply is slowing down. However, the start-up of seawater bromine enterprises in North China is still at a high level, and there is no shortage in the spot market supply. However, the start-up demand in the downstream flame retardant market is still weak and the just demand is insufficient, resulting in a high stock accumulation of some bromine enterprises. At present, the quotation of mainstream bromine enterprises is about 26000-27500 yuan / ton.


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Industrial chain: the sulfur market is in a weak and stable operation, with strong wait-and-see mood in the industry, and the actual single transaction is relatively small, at present about 640 yuan / ton; the sulfuric acid market is up and down, with large regional differences, the overhaul enterprises are recovering in succession, the market supply is still tight, the enterprises are rising tentatively, at present about 290 yuan / ton; the domestic soda ash market is in a weak operation, with the overall commencement of the industry around 70%, and the overall delivery of the industry The investment atmosphere is not good. At present, it is about 1283 yuan / ton. The main downstream flame retardant market of bromine is in low negative operation, the overall demand is not significantly improved, the price support for bromine is insufficient, the start-up of pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates and other industries is flat, the bears on bromine are obvious, and the overall market is cautious.


3、 Future forecast


According to the bromine industry analysts of business association, although the supply of bromine in the market has declined to some extent, it is still in a situation of oversupply. In addition, with the influx of imported bromine, the market trading is weak, which is expected to remain weak in a short period of time.

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