Butadiene price rises more than 20% in recent ten days

The domestic butadiene market continued to rise. According to the price monitored by the business agency, the domestic butadiene market price was 3473 yuan / ton on July 19, and 34954234 yuan / ton on July 28, with an increase of 21.91% during the period. The price rose by 22.50% compared with the same period of last month and decreased by 52.37% compared with the same period last year.


The main reasons for the sharp rise in the domestic butadiene market are as follows: one is the strong support for the continuous increase of the external market price of butadiene; the other is that the domestic production enterprises have a lot of maintenance, and the supply of goods is relatively tight in the short term. Traders take this opportunity to actively push up the price of butadiene. It is hard to find the low-cost source of goods in the market. The downstream just needs to purchase, and the quotation of middlemen keeps up with the increase. The market atmosphere is strong Thick.


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In terms of enterprises, the butadiene price of Sinopec sales companies has been increased by 800 yuan / ton in recent 10 days, with 4500 yuan / ton implemented; Liaoyang Petrochemical’s butadiene price has been increased by 900 yuan / ton to 4600 yuan / ton; the latest butadiene price of Inner Mongolia Jiutai energy is 4800 yuan / ton; the latest price of Dalian Hengli butadiene is 4410 yuan / ton.


In terms of industrial chain: SBR: narrow range of domestic mainstream SBR Market. The mainstream offer of Qilu 1502e in North China is 7750-7800 yuan / ton, while that of Qilu 1502e market in East China is around 8050 yuan / ton.


Butadiene rubber: the price of raw material butadiene continued to rise, and cis-1,3,4-butadiene rubber traders were cautious in shipping, and the low-level in the market disappeared, and some of them made tentative price increase offers. However, considering that Qilu and other units were restarted one after another, the supply would be large, and the merchants were still lack of confidence in the future market, so they would ship according to the market; the downstream purchase maintained rigid demand, but the actual order still needed to wait and see.


External market continued to rise, domestic manufacturers’ prices continued to rise, stimulating the downstream inquiry atmosphere, short-term low-cost supply is hard to find, business agency butadiene analysts predict that the short-term domestic butadiene market will perform relatively high, and it is recommended to pay close attention to the transaction guidelines.

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