Market inventory low, sulfur price up (4.19-4.25)

According to the price monitoring of business news agency, the price of sulfur in East China rose this week. The average price of sulfur production at the weekend was 1486.67 yuan / ton, up 2.53% compared with 1450.00 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week and down 2.06% compared with the beginning of the month.

This week, the domestic sulfur market rose as a whole. The inventory of refineries in various regions of the country remained low, and the shipment performance was acceptable. The downstream plants entered the market and purchased on demand. The market lacked the guidance of substantive information, and the operators were mainly wait-and-see. During the week, refineries in various regions of China adjusted their prices according to their own shipment situation. In East China, the price of liquid sulfur was increased by 20 yuan / ton, and that of solid sulfur was increased by 20-50 yuan / ton; Solid and liquid sulfur in North China and Shandong increased by 40-50 yuan / ton at the same time, and sulfur market generally went up. As of the 25th, the regional price of sulfur in China is as follows:

region varieties April 25th

East China Sulfur (particle) 1450-1540 yuan / ton

North China Sulfur (particle) 1420-1470 yuan / ton

Shandong Province Sulfur (particle) 1480-1520 yuan / ton

In the downstream phosphate fertilizer market, the prices of monoammonium phosphate and diammonium phosphate were weak and stable, the domestic spring ploughing came to an end, the market demand of ammonium phosphate was weakened, the transaction atmosphere was weak, and the future market continued to be stable. In terms of sulfuric acid, the market price in Shandong increased by 2.35% in the week. At present, the main acid enterprises in Shandong stop for maintenance, some sulfuric acid manufacturers are under started, the market supply is tight, the enterprises increase the quotation, the downstream demand is stable, and the later sulfuric acid Market may continue to rise.

According to sulfur analysts of business news agency, the domestic sulfur market is on the rise, and most of the on-site trading is based on demand procurement. In terms of market supply, domestic refinery inventory remains low, and the supply and demand performance is relatively stable. At present, the market lacks substantive information guidance, so the short-term sulfur market is reorganized and operated, and the downstream follow-up situation is concerned.