The price of the source of goods is high, and the POM market in the game of supply and demand is temporarily stable

Price trend

According to the data of the business club block list, on April 28, the domestic POM market remained stable at a high level, and the spot prices of various brands fluctuated and adjusted. As of press release, the average offer price of the POM injection molding sample enterprises of the business club was about 15033.33 yuan / ton, up 2.50% compared with the average price at the beginning of the month.

Cause analysis

POM upstream formaldehyde, business community commodity list data show that the average price of Shandong formaldehyde on April 28 was 1370.00 yuan / ton, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 56.87%. At present, a new round of 20 day environmental protection inspection in China is coming to an end. The downstream plate production is expected to increase, and the demand for formaldehyde may rise. However, the price of upstream methanol is increased, the cost is increased, and the profit is reduced in theory. The atmosphere of formaldehyde manufacturers’ stock preparation is relatively general, and the formaldehyde market rises slightly. It is expected that the price of formaldehyde in Shandong may still rise in the near future.

The upstream price is stronger, and the cost support of POM is stronger than that in the middle of the year. At present, it is in the peak season of maintenance. The tightening of domestic POM supply is beneficial to the site. The enterprise maintains the willingness to make a high report in the early stage. The M90 reference price of Tianye Chemical is about 14500 yuan / ton, and the actual order is negotiated. Yuntianhua M90 ex factory reference price is about 16600 yuan / ton, firm offer for negotiation. The POM unit of Shenhua Ningmei coal works normally. The reference price of mc90 is about 14000 yuan / ton, with cash withdrawal. With the May Day holiday approaching, the warming up of the downstream goods preparation operation is limited, and the on-site delivery orders are generally small, indicating that the market is in the range of digesting high prices. At the end of the month, the merchant’s mentality is general, the offer is stable, and the shipment tends to follow the market.

Future forecast

Business analysts believe that: the domestic POM market is in a stable trend after rising recently. The trend of formaldehyde and methanol in the upstream is positive, the cost support of POM is strong, and the improvement of on-site supply is limited. Although the supply side is good for the market, the profits of downstream enterprises are compressed under the pressure of high costs, so the heat of stock preparation before the festival is damaged, and there is no large volume of trading on the floor. It is expected that the POM market will be deadlocked in the near future.