Activated carbon turnover improved and prices improved

According to the monitoring of business agency, the price of activated carbon was 9066 yuan / ton at the beginning of this week and 9166 yuan / ton at the end of this week, with a price increase of 1.10%.

The domestic price of activated carbon is strong. At present, the ex factory price of activated carbon for coconut shell water purification in East China is between 9500-12500 yuan / ton; Enquiries in the domestic activated carbon market have increased. There is a demand for replenishment in the downstream before the festival. The downstream mentality is good. Most shipments are delivered according to orders, and more attention is paid to the downstream transaction.

Activated carbon is rich in raw materials, including coal, sawdust, fruit shell and straw. Activated carbon suitable for water treatment is prepared through a series of processes. At the same time, activated carbon manufacturers are constantly improving the performance of activated carbon, increasing its working capacity and effectively adsorbing and purifying wastewater.

Forecast: the activated carbon market mostly takes goods on demand, and basically purchases with small orders to meet normal production. Most traders maintain shipment and reduce positions, and the short-term activated carbon price may be dominated by shock consolidation.

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