NBR market was weak and fell (6.10-6.17)

This week (6.10-6.17), the market of nitrile rubber was weak and fell. According to the monitoring of business community, the price of nitrile rubber as of June 17 was 20875 yuan / ton, down 3.80% from 21700 yuan / ton on June 10.


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This week (June 10-june 17), Lanzhou Petrochemical’s 100000 t / a nitrile rubber plant was in normal operation, and alantai rubber and Ningbo shunze’s 95000 T / a nitrile rubber plant were shut down. The start-up of the nitrile rubber industry decreased compared with the previous period, but the supply of nitrile rubber in the market was still relatively sufficient except for some brands. On Monday, Lanzhou Petrochemical lowered the listing price of nitrile rubber. According to the monitoring of business agency, as of June 17, Lanhua nitrile n41e reported 20000 yuan / ton; RMB 20500 / ton for 3305e; RMB 21900 / ton for 3308e; 2808 quoted 20200 yuan / ton.


This week (6.10-6.17), the prices of butadiene and acrylonitrile fell, and the cost side weakened. According to the monitoring of business agency, as of June 17, the price of butadiene was 11290 yuan / ton, down 6.67% from 12096 yuan / ton on June 10; As of June 17, the price of acrylonitrile was 11080 yuan / ton, down 1.42% from 11240 last Friday.


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The downstream operation of nitrile rubber is low, and the demand side is weak. According to the business agency, the downstream insulation foaming, rubber hose and other industries started in the vicinity of 50-60%, and most of them purchased on demand. The market of nitrile rubber fell slightly.


Future forecast: NBR analysts of business agency believe that the current supply and demand of NBR is slightly deadlocked, but the pressure on the maintenance supply side of some manufacturers has eased. It is expected that the NBR market will be in a state of shock consolidation in the short term.