Chloroform market fell slightly (6.17-6.24)

According to the data of business agency, the chloroform market fell slightly this week (6.17-6.24). As of June 24, the price of chloroform bulk water in Shandong was 3112 yuan / ton, down 6.04% from 3312 yuan / ton last Friday.


Sulfamic acid 

Although Jinling and other individual enterprises’ methane chloride plants are operated with reduced load, the domestic methane chloride plants are still operating at a high level, and the supply is still under great pressure. The downstream market demand is stable and weak.


This week (6.17-6.24), the spot price of methanol decreased slightly, and the cost side weakened. According to the business agency, as of June 24, the spot price of methanol was 2655 yuan / ton, down 2.12% from 2712 yuan / ton on June 17.


The downstream refrigerant market of chloroform is running at a high level. With the arrival of high temperature weather, the demand for chloroform is slightly warmer, which has a certain support for chloroform.


Analysts of the methane chloride data of the business agency believe that Jinling unit is operating under reduced load, but the domestic supply side pressure is still on; With the arrival of high temperature weather, the refrigerant demand is supported to a certain extent. It is expected that chloroform will be basically stable in the later period.