On June 23, the asphalt market fluctuated downward

According to the monitoring data of business agency, as of June 22, the average price of petroleum asphalt manufacturers in Shandong was 4680 yuan / ton, down 0.89% from the previous trading day and up 38.89% year-on-year. On June 23, the opening price of 2209, the main contract of asphalt futures, was 4320 yuan / ton, down 210 yuan / ton from the previous day. The weak decline of international crude oil led to the decline of asphalt futures price. Although the basic data still have support, the overall support is limited and the cost side is weakened significantly. In terms of spot, the spot resources of asphalt at the end of the month are tight. In the short term, the domestic asphalt spot market is mainly stable with small movements.

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