Cryolite market temporarily stabilized on September 21

Trade name: cryolite


Latest price (September 21): 7725.00 yuan/ton


Key points for analysis: The cryolite market in Henan is running smoothly, and the average price of cryolite production is flat compared with the previous working day. The manufacturer reported that the upstream construction started at a low level, the raw materials were still tight, superimposed on the impact of high prices of coal, natural gas, etc., the production cost of the enterprise was under great pressure, the price of cryolite was mainly high, and the enthusiasm of downstream parties to enter the market was fair. The purchase was followed up as needed, the enterprise’s shipment was smooth, and the supply and demand in the site were relatively balanced.


Future market forecast: the short-term cryolite market continues to be high and firm, with the price temporarily stable as the main factor. The future market will focus on the market supply.

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