Raw materials weakened, phosphoric acid price fell (9.19-9.23)

1、 Price trend


sulphamic acid

According to the bulk data list of the business cooperative, the average price of 85% thermal phosphoric acid in the domestic market was 10320 yuan/ton on September 19, and 10130 yuan/ton on September 23. This week, the domestic price of thermal phosphoric acid fell 1.84%.


2、 Market analysis


The phosphoric acid market price stopped rising this week and turned down. The price of raw material yellow phosphorus fell back, the cost support weakened, and the price of phosphoric acid decreased accordingly. At present, the downstream is purchased on demand, mainly on the sidelines. As of September 23, the average market price of 85% thermal phosphoric acid in China was about 10130 yuan/ton. The ex factory quotation of 85 content thermal phosphoric acid in Sichuan is 9800-10800 yuan/ton, that in Yunnan is 10000 yuan/ton, that in Hubei is 9850 yuan/ton, that in Hubei is 9500 yuan/ton, and that in Nanjing is 9800 yuan/ton.


In terms of raw phosphorus ore, the domestic market for medium and high-end grade phosphorus ore continued to operate steadily this week. Up to now, the reference price of phosphate rock is 1064.00. The site is generally quiet, with little change in information. At present, the supply side is still tight, and the supply side continues to provide high support for the market. From the demand side, the low commencement of downstream phosphate fertilizer has brought some concern to the market.


In terms of raw material yellow phosphorus, the price of yellow phosphorus market fell slightly this week. At present, the market transaction is fair. Downstream stock has slowed down compared with last week, and inquiries have increased. The actual transaction is more cautious and more wait-and-see. Most manufacturers suspend the external quotation, and single discussion is preferred. Up to now, the mainstream quotation of Yunnan yellow phosphorus is about 36000-37000 yuan/ton; The mainstream quotation of Sichuan yellow phosphorus is about 37000 yuan/ton; The mainstream quotation of Guizhou yellow phosphorus is about 36000 yuan/ton.


3、 Future market forecast


Phosphoric acid analysts of the business association believe that the rise of the phosphoric acid market fell back this week due to the impact of the upstream yellow phosphorus market. Under the downward trend of the market, the over-the-counter trading of phosphoric acid is cautious. Under the condition that the raw material market trend is not clear, it is expected that the phosphoric acid market price will be dominated by weak and stable operation in the short term.