Zinc price rose first and then fell

Recently, zinc price rose first and then fell


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According to the data monitoring of the business community, the zinc price was 24124 yuan/ton as of November 22, down 0.85% from 24330 yuan/ton on November 13; Compared with the zinc price of 23138 yuan/ton on November 1, it rose by 4.26%. Recently, the zinc market has frequently changed from long to short, with zinc prices rising first and then falling.


Lido: The wind direction is uncertain


Radical interest rate hikes in major economies such as the United States and Europe triggered fears of economic recession. The demand for nonferrous metals was expected to decline, and zinc prices in London fell sharply.


After the environmental protection inspection in Sichuan, the zinc smelters that stopped production for nearly two weeks have been started one after another. The supply of zinc is expected to increase as the supply of zinc in the city recovers.


The processing cost of domestic zinc concentrate continues to rise, and the production enthusiasm of zinc smelters has risen. At the end of the year, many enterprises have plans to catch up with production. The output of zinc smelters is expected to increase in November, and the supply of zinc in the future market is sufficient.


Future market forecast


According to the data analysts of the business community; On the demand side, the global economic weakness is expected to intensify, the domestic epidemic situation is more frequent, and the demand for zinc is expected to decline; On the supply side, Sichuan environmental protection has ended, zinc concentrate processing fees have continued to rise, and zinc supply is expected to increase. In general, the supply of zinc has increased and the demand has declined in the near future. The downward pressure on the zinc market has increased. It is expected that the zinc price will fall in shock.