The market is weak, and the price of viscose staple fiber continues to be weak and stable

Last week (November 14-20), the domestic viscose staple fiber market price was basically stable, and the market trend was weak. The factory basically implemented early orders, which had little impact on the market. The number of new orders was relatively sporadic. The price of imported and domestic dissolved pulp moved down, and the pressure on the production cost of viscose staple fiber eased. From the perspective of the downstream human cotton yarn market, the price of human cotton yarn continued to be weak and stable, the market demand continued to be weak, and the overall trading atmosphere was light, As the inventory of the yarn mill keeps accumulating, the enthusiasm for replenishing the raw materials may decline in the later period, so the price of viscose staple fiber is difficult to show a strong performance.


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Price trend of viscose staple fiber


Price trend of viscose staple fiber


According to the price monitoring of the business community, the price of viscose staple fiber was basically stable last week (November 14-20). As of November 20, 2022, the factory quotation of 1.2D * 38mm viscose staple fiber in China was 13220 yuan/ton; The price of human cotton yarn is weak and stable. As of November 20, 2022 (30S, ring spinning, first class), the average ex factory price is 17866 yuan/ton, which is the same as last week’s price.


Supply and demand


Recently, the operating rate of viscose staple fiber industry remains low. At present, the overall load is about 65%, and the overall low operating rate of the manufacturer under loss operation may continue. Renmian yarn continues to be weak, and the operating rate of the factory drops slightly. The manufacturer mainly makes shipments, and the overall delivery atmosphere is light. The downstream just needs a small amount of procurement. The weaving factory has arranged a Spring Festival holiday.


Future market forecast


The supply side of viscose staple fiber may be slightly loose, while the downstream demand is not good enough, so the intention of continuing to purchase viscose staple fiber is limited. In the situation of weakening support at the cost side and poor demand, analysts of the business community predict that the prices of viscose staple fiber and rayon yarn will continue to operate in a weak and stable manner next week, which does not rule out the possibility of further exploration.