Raw materials fell, PA6 market was weak

Price trend


Sulfamic acid 

At the beginning of December, the domestic PA6 market was weak, with a narrow decline in price. According to the data monitoring of the business community, the average ex factory price of domestic PA6 was 1866.67 yuan/ton on December 5, with a range of – 0.48%.


Cause analysis


In terms of raw materials: it can be seen from the figure below that caprolactam in China has been in the downward channel recently, the market for raw material pure benzene has weakened, and the cost side support is insufficient. The on-site supply of caprolactam increased and the demand side decreased. It is expected that the price trend of caprolactam will decline in the short term.


In terms of supply: the operating rate of domestic PA6 polymerization enterprises decreased by a narrow margin, and the overall load level was below 65%. Last week, the output was stable and the supply of goods was abundant. In addition, the production of new units in the early stage will also store pressure on the supply side.


Demand: In the downstream, the textile enterprises have average load, the nylon filament can be started, and the stock of PA6 chips has decreased. The market competition was strengthened, and the high-end offers were generally not smooth. The buyer just needs to stock up and buy cautiously, and the wait-and-see mentality is biased.


Future market forecast


At the beginning of December, the market price of PA6 fell by a narrow margin. The load of domestic polymerization plants has decreased by a narrow margin, and the supply is still sufficient. On the demand side, the demand is relatively weak, and the rigid demand support is weakened. The contradiction between supply and demand and the falling cost have a certain drag on the market. Generally speaking, the market fundamentals are weak, and the market may continue to be weak.