The domestic phenol price rose, but the transaction was insufficient

Yesterday, the domestic phenol market stopped falling, and the focus of the negotiation rose, mainly because the spot quantity was tight, some terminal factories started to store and replenish goods, and the mentality of the holders improved. The negotiation ended the situation of continuous decline, and the focus rose. In East China, the overall increase is 100-150 yuan/ton, and the negotiation is 8120-8150 yuan/ton. It is understood that the port replenishment has been delayed, and the market available is limited. However, the demand side has inquiries, but most of the goods are replenished with small orders. The on-site delivery volume is average. In the downstream, BPA continues to decline. The negotiation is 10000-10150 yuan/ton. It is expected that the short-term phenol market will be strong and upward, and the increase will mainly depend on the demand of downstream factories, focusing on the market turnover.


On December 6, phenol offers in various markets across the country were as follows:


Regional./quotation./daily rise and fall

East China/8150/. 100

Shandong Province/8250./100

Yanshan surrounding area./8250./100

South China/8150./100