The price of liquid ammonia in the Shandong region has slightly declined this week

Analysis: This week (6.24-28), the liquid ammonia market in Shandong region slightly declined. According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of Business Society, the main production area of Shandong experienced a weekly decline of 0.56%. The main reason is that the maintenance equipment has resumed work one after another, and the supply side has shown a loose performance. Coupled with the increase in urea conversion by manufacturers, the increase in ammonia production has dragged down the price of ammonia. During the week, some mainstream large factories in Shandong generally lowered their prices by less than 100 yuan/ton. Dealers tend to lower their shipments. Moreover, downstream procurement enthusiasm is not high, agricultural demand is gradually entering the off-season, industrial demand remains strong, and the demand side is generally bearish. At present, the mainstream quotation in Shandong region is between 2800-3000 yuan/ton.


Prediction: In the near future, agricultural demand procurement has slowed down, industrial demand has followed closely, and supply is sufficient. However, some manufacturers have maintenance rumors, and it is expected that supply will be tightened in the later stage. The possibility of a price rebound for liquid ammonia cannot be ruled out.