Propylene oxide market rose positively on May 9

Price Trend

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According to the price monitoring of business associations, propylene oxide is rising actively today. At present, the mainstream price of propylene oxide in China is 10300-10700 yuan/ton, up 5.20% compared with last Thursday.

II. Analysis of Influencing Factors

Product: Propylene oxide Market is on the rise. Due to the main plant equipment maintenance and negative impact, the overall supply situation continues to be tight, some factories are reluctant to sell mentality. Today, the cash delivery price of Wanhua Chemistry Shandong Mainstream Market is 10400 yuan/ton, while that of East China Mainstream Market is 10700 yuan/ton.

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Industry chain: The price of propylene in upstream is down, and the trading atmosphere is weak.

3. Future market forecast:

The propylene oxide Market is expected to remain good in the short term.