May 8 China’s domestic MDI market broad probe

First, the price trend

According to the business price monitoring, as of May 10, the domestic aggregate MDI market average price reported 17200 yuan/ton, the overall market situation of the broad exploration.

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Second, the market analysis

Products: Domestic polymerization MDI prices continue to explore wide. Manufacturers do not have a clear guidance policy, but in view of the downstream demand is light, middlemen shipped more at low prices, dealers follow suit. At present, the market social inventory is larger, more than the purchase of goods, the demand consumption is extremely poor, coupled with the purchase of not buy and fall mentality, the market transaction situation is very bad. The manufacturer’s attitude is not clear premise, now prematurely said the market crash is not right. In fact, the market has been in the consumption of low-priced supply of the state, there is the factory in mid-May is in the early June is in the maintenance period, manufacturers supply scarce premise, the market continues to consume a period of low prices, manufacturers cost high support, after market prices or there is hope to pick up the possibility.

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Before the June listing did not “come out”, we can only wait for the end of the month manufacturer guidelines. Market side, East China polymerization MDI price weak shock. Market atmosphere fell more than, downstream buy and fall do not buy down, the situation of the talks dismal. North China polymerization MDI price weak concussion. Downstream operators buy and fall, the transaction atmosphere is extremely poor. The price of polymeric MDI in South China is weak and lower.

The overall market trading atmosphere is light, the shipper’s offer is lower, the industry after the mentality of different. Industrial chain: raw materials, pure benzene: East China Pure benzene price changes are not big, of which spot buy 4460-4500 yuan/ton. May under the negotiation of 4500-4590 yuan/ton, June under the negotiation of 4560-4600 yuan/ton. Aniline: Downstream enterprise raw Material library is consumed, procurement intention to thicken, Northern Aniline factory shipment is OK. Nandu recently has cargo, mainly cargo, and south, farmers have maintenance plans, price stability.

North China market talks price reference in 5520-5520 yuan/ton; East China market price mainstream negotiation reference in 5650-5800 yuan/ton.

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Third, the forecast of the aftermarket Business community Point of view: positive aspects, a number of enterprises to raise the new Moon listing, enterprises on the market less volume, Heng hang individual devices began to overhaul. On the negative side, the market has been informed that the supply of individual enterprises has increased over the previous period, the downstream need to continue to languish, the market is not enough to follow up, the attitude of the industry loosening obvious, after the lack of confidence in the Business Society Polymerization MDI Analysts expect that the short-term market is mainly weak collation, continue to pay attention to downstream consumption.