Analysis of Domestic Silicone DMC Market in China this week (6.17-6.21)

Price Trend

According to the monitoring data of business associations, this week the silicone market is still in a low-price stable state, and it is still off-season for more than half of June. At present, the lowest quotation of DMC market is around 15,600 yuan/ton, and the quotation of traders is around 17,000 yuan/ton.

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II. Market Analysis

Products: This week, domestic silicone continues to be in a weak downward trend. After a sharp decline in the market, demand has not improved significantly. The profits of upstream enterprises of silicone have been greatly reduced. The overall start-up rate of manufacturers has declined. This week, some manufacturers closed the market without reporting. Parking overhaul of some monomer devices has been prolonged. The Trading atmosphere in the market remains cautious. A small number of traders have slightly lowered D. MC product quotation.

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Industry Chain: The price of upstream product metal silicon has been slightly lowered in many areas this week, the product start-up rate is not high, the market supply of low-price goods has increased slightly, and it is expected that the recent price shocks will be mainly weak.

3. Future Market Forecast

Business analysts believe that: for the current form of silicone DMC, ultimately depends on the market demand for products, determine the follow-up trend of products.

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