Acrylic acid market stabilized temporarily on June 25

I. Acrylic acid price trend:

The average acrylic acid price as of June 25 was 7,500.00 yuan/ton, which was the same as on June 24. The market was temporarily stable, down 8.16% compared with last month 25.

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II. Market analysis:

Product: Acrylic acid market is stable for the time being. The price of raw materials market is high and stable, the cost is rising, the profit is shrinking, the pressure of factories is high, the downstream is just in need of replenishment, gas purchasing is general, cautious wait-and-see is the main. As of the 25th, the mainstream price of acid in South China is around 7350 yuan/ton, in East China around 7100 yuan/ton, and in North China around 7150 yuan/ton.

Industry chain: The market price of upstream propylene in Shandong Province is stable. The price of propylene enterprises began to rise again on June 19, and rose to June 22 (Saturday), June 23 (Sunday) and began to stabilize. At present, the main market turnover is about 7600-7750

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3. Future market forecast:

According to business associations, the short-term domestic acrylic acid market may be dominated by stable operation.

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