Narrow volatility of cyclohexanone market (7.1-7.5)

Price Trend

The domestic market of cyclohexanone fluctuated narrowly this week. According to the monitoring data of business associations, the average price of domestic producers of cyclohexanone was 7966 yuan/ton at the beginning of the week and 7866 yuan/ton at the end of the week. The price dropped by 1.26% in the week, 34.44% compared with the same period last year.

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II. Market Analysis

Product: Cyclohexanone market fluctuated narrowly this week, pure benzene Market rose, cost support was good. This week, Hong Da export normally, Luxi temporarily not export, Haili spot export volume is small, the overall supply of cyclohexanone fluctuates little. The downstream chemical fibre market is steadily on the upstream. Sinopec has raised 300 yuan/ton to 1230 yuan/ton by listing and acceptance. Some chemical fibre factories still have acceptable purchasing volume, solvent market needs to be purchased, and the overall spot pressure of cyclohexanone factories is not large. At present, the main price of cyclohexanone is from 8200 to 8300 yuan per ton cash withdrawal, up 400 yuan per ton from last week.

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Industry chain: As for raw materials, pure benzene, the price of pure benzene has been rising rapidly this week. According to data released earlier this month, China imported only 20,000 tons of pure benzene from Korea in June, while the average monthly export volume from Korea to China in the first five months of this year was more than 150,000. Pure benzene from Korea generally accounts for more than half of China’s total imports. The main reason for the substantial reduction of Korean supply is that Chinese downstream factories concentrate on refusing orders from June to July in consideration of import costs. In addition, there is a supply gap of pure benzene in the United States, resulting in a huge price gap between the United States and South Korea, and a large number of Korean goods are diverted to the United States for arbitrage, resulting in a sharp drop in pure benzene exported to China. Caprolactam: This week, domestic caprolactam liquid spot market prices rose. Pure benzene prices continued to rise, cyclohexanone prices also rose, caprolactam costs were strong. There are still many parking and repairing devices in caprolactam plant this week. At present, the parking and repairing facilities in Shandong Haili, Zhejiang Juhua, and petrochemical plants have not been restarted. The spot supply in the market is still tight. With the restart of some maintenance devices in Fujian, the overall start-up of polymerization has increased slightly, and the demand for caprolactam has been slightly increased. Well, supply and demand support the market. Sinopec raised its caprolactam listing price by 300 yuan/ton to 1230 yuan/ton in July, boosting confidence on the spot.

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3. Future Market Forecast

In the short term, the current spot pressure of the factory is not big, and the supply may not fluctuate much. Cost side has good support, demand side, downstream chemical fiber market is stable and good, Shenyuan will drive or increase the demand for cyclohexanone, solvent market more on-demand procurement. Cyclohexanone analysts at business associations expect the short-term cyclohexanone market to consolidate steadily, moderately and upwardly.