China’s domestic acetone market continued to be weak this week (8.12-16)

Price Trend

This week, the acetone market as a whole went up, with a narrow range of fluctuations, and the Yanshan market went up significantly. According to the monitoring of commodity data of business associations, manufacturers in eastern China offered 3725 yuan/ton at the beginning of this week and 3800 yuan/ton at the end of the weekend, which was 2.01% overall.

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II. Analytical Review

Products: At the beginning of the week, when the stocks of the port are relatively low and the stocks of the petrochemical enterprises are on the low side, some manufacturers limit the amount of invoices. On Tuesday, the petrochemical enterprises will increase 100 yuan/ton. The mentality of the intermediate traders will be boosted. The secondary traders will have active stocks and concentrate on replenishment. At present, the main negotiation range of East China market is 3750 yuan/ton; Yanshan peripheral market is around 3800 yuan/ton; and South China market is around 3800 yuan/ton.

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Industry Chain: On the supply side, this week Sinopec’s listed price of pure benzene was stable at 5100 yuan/ton, the price of propylene in East China was lowered to 7550 yuan/ton, and the cost of phenol and ketone was 10,000 yuan/ton; this week, the overall starting rate of domestic manufacturers was 80%, and the port stock was relatively stable. In terms of demand, only 60% of the MMA units are in operation and less than 60% of the isopropanol units are in operation. This week, although the acetone market quotation has risen sharply, most downstream factories digest inventory, despite the boost of the factory increase, market follow-up is limited.

3. Future Market Forecast

Advantages: Bisphenol A plant starts at a high level, and the demand for raw materials is good; overall, the import cost is higher, which has certain support for the domestic market. Likon: The downstream parking of isopropanol and MMA plants has increased, and there will be less demand for raw materials. Business associations are expected to consolidate the acetone market next week. At present, importers of import sources have little intention of delivering at low prices. The prices of manufacturers are still supported. They will be stable next week. The overall small orders follow up. The main negotiation range in East China market is 3750-3800 yuan/ton.

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