China’s domestic bromine market has been operating steadily this week (8.12-8.16)

Price data:

According to the monitoring data of business associations, the domestic bromine market has been running steadily this week. The average price of bromine has remained around 29785 yuan per ton in the week, up 4.17% from the same period last year.

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II. Cause Analysis

Products: This week, the domestic bromine market was affected by the previous environmental protection and continuous rainfall, the overall inventory has been reduced to a low level, some parking enterprises have just resumed, there is a certain shortage of supply in the industry; the current downstream market is in the off-season, the demand for bromine is not good, mainly purchasing just needed. At present, the mainstream quotation of enterprises is about 29500-30000 yuan/ton, and some of the real orders are on the low side.

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Industry chain: bromine upstream industry is stable and soft this week: the demand for sulphur market is sluggish, with a drop of 2.47 per week, currently around 790 yuan/ton; the caustic soda market is gradually restoring, the downstream demand is not good, the downstream demand is stable within the week, currently around 705 yuan/ton; the soda market is stable, with an average price of about 1676 yuan/ton; and the supply and demand of sulphuric acid market is about 1676 yuan/ton. There is a steady increase in demand, but the downstream demand is flat, falling by 3.33% in a week, currently about 227 yuan per ton. At present, the downstream flame retardant industry of bromine is in poor demand, the market as a whole is light, the price of bromine is insufficient to support, and the industry of pharmaceutical and agricultural intermediates is affected by environmental protection, resulting in low overall start-up and limited demand.

3. Future Market Forecast

Business bromine industry analysts believe that there is a certain gap in the domestic bromine market supply side at present. Enterprises have low Multi-inventory and start work gradually after the end of the continuous rainstorm; the upstream market is mostly soft, which has no good support for bromine prices. The downstream market is in the off-season, just in need, and low-price imported bromine is good for the domestic market. The field has some negative influence. It is expected that domestic bromine prices will be stable in the near future.

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