Negative pressure, hydrogen peroxide price continues to bottom out

According to the monitoring of the business agency: since November, the hydrogen peroxide market has entered a cold winter, falling to the bottom, and the price has dropped nearly 15%. In December, the market still did not improve. As of December 4, the average price of hydrogen peroxide was 1170 yuan / ton, down 20.23% from the beginning of November, and the decline was further expanded to more than 20%.


market analysis


From November, the terminal performance was poor, the hydrogen peroxide manufacturer started to work at full capacity, the supply exceeded the demand, the price of hydrogen peroxide continued to fall, the market continued to be depressed, until December, the price was still exploring, the average price fell below 1200 yuan / ton. As of December 4, the quotation of hydrogen peroxide in each region is as follows:


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Shandong: Shandong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has 27.5% hydrogen peroxide of 1120 yuan / ton; Shandong Haineng has 27.5% hydrogen peroxide of 1240 yuan / ton; the price is 40-80 yuan / ton lower than that in early December.


Hebei Province: the ex factory price of 27.5% hydrogen peroxide in Zhengyuan fertilizer industry fell to 1150 yuan / ton, 150 yuan / ton lower than that in early December.


Anhui Province: the price of 27.5% hydrogen peroxide in Quansheng, Anhui Province is 1250 yuan / ton, 50 yuan / ton lower than that in early December.


Hunan: Hunan Shuangyang 27.5% hydrogen peroxide price is 1300 yuan / ton; the price is the same as that in early December.


Zhejiang: Hangzhou Mingxin 27.5% hydrogen peroxide quoted 1400 yuan / ton, 100 yuan / ton lower than the price in early December.



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Industry chain: terminal caprolactam continued to fall sharply, down nearly 10%. Due to the poor market of raw material cyclohexanone, sluggish market of terminal PA6, loss of caprolactam, negative reduction of production by manufacturers, continuous drop of price, continuous sharp drop of downstream caprolactam, sluggish demand for hydrogen peroxide by manufacturers of caprolactam, high operating rate of their own, oversupply, difficult to find the bottom of the price of hydrogen peroxide, and continuous bottoming.


Outlook for the future


Hydrogen peroxide analysts of the business club think: in December, hydrogen peroxide still has a downward trend, terminal demand is difficult to change in a short period of time, and oversupply or will continue. The price of hydrogen peroxide in the future is weak and weak.

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