Price of polysilicon is stable and falling after the festival

After the festival, the domestic polysilicon market maintained the situation before the festival, and today’s market slightly stabilized. At present, the operating rate of domestic polysilicon manufacturers has rebounded. Up to now, about three polysilicon manufacturers have been maintaining maintenance or load reduction. The production capacity in Xinjiang has been gradually restored, and the supply has slightly increased compared with the previous period. However, the inventory of most enterprises increased slightly compared with the previous month, and the situation of enterprise signing continued, and the orders basically ended in October. According to the monitoring of the business agency, the domestic mainstream transaction price of polysilicon with the model of first-class solar material is 65000-70000 yuan / ton.


In the near future, polysilicon will maintain a basic balance between supply and demand, and the medium-term market may enter a pattern of loose supply. In particular, with the further tightening of the export of photovoltaic products, downstream demand may be relatively low. It is expected that the price of polysilicon will be affected by it, and it is not ruled out that it may continue to fall.


Note: the above price is tax inclusive

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