After the double festival, the price of n-propanol in China rose narrowly

According to the price monitoring data of business agency, as of October 15, the reference average price of domestic n-propanol including packaging in mainstream areas was around 11433 yuan / ton, which was increased by 67 yuan / ton or 0.59% compared with October 1; compared with September 1, the average price was reduced by 300 yuan / ton, or 2.56%.


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This week, the domestic market of n-propanol was adjusted in a narrow range, and the overall trend was stable. At present, the main offer price of n-propanol domestic trade market including packaging was about 11000-115000 yuan / ton, which was increased by about 70 yuan / ton compared with the beginning of the week. The ex factory price of domestic factory bulk water was 10000-10500 yuan / ton, which was roughly stable compared with the beginning of the week. Domestic Nanjing Rongxin Chemical Co., Ltd. (Nanjing Wujiang Chemical Co., Ltd.) started normal normal production of n-propanol, and made an external offer of 10000 yuan / T (bulk water). This week, the market sales of n-propanol were relatively stable, and the prices of manufacturers in Nanjing fluctuated, and the range was not large.


In terms of raw materials, since October, the local market of ethylene external market has been running at a high level and fluctuated slightly, and the overall market is still rising compared with the beginning of the month. Among them, the Asian ethylene market is more obvious. On the 13th, in the Asian ethylene market, CFR quoted 865-875 US dollars / ton in Northeast Asia and 825-835 US dollars / ton in CFR Southeast Asia, up 10 US dollars / ton. In recent years, the price of ethylene in Asia is mainly rising, and the demand is fair.


Stable demand and stable raw materials


At present, the inventory of n-propanol manufacturers in China is basically normal, the production and operation are normal, the demand and supply of n-propanol are mainly contracted, and the relationship between supply and demand is generally maintained in a relatively balanced state. The market sales of n-propanol industry is general, the demand of factories is relatively stable, and there is more trade between factories. The high price of ethylene of upstream products supports the cost of n-propanol. At present, the market of n-propanol is flat and the atmosphere of negotiation is general. Business club is propanol analysts believe that in the short term, the domestic n-propanol market stable operation, price range fluctuations. In the later stage, we should pay attention to the cost of raw materials and the supply of goods.

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