On November 22, the domestic bisphenol a market was cold

On November 22, the market was very quiet at the beginning of the week. The venue paid more attention to the bidding of a petrochemical in East China, and the negotiation performance was very cold. Then, as the auction started at 15000 yuan / ton, a few traders offered 17000 yuan / ton. In the afternoon, the market was not built and turned. The offer continued to go down to 16800 yuan / ton. I heard that there were few real orders in the venue.

Upstream, the phenol and acetone market declined by about 50 yuan / ton in a narrow range, and the market weakness stabilized. The market reference price of phenol in East China is 9350 yuan / ton, the offer around Yanshan and Shandong is 9300-9350 yuan / ton, and the offer in South China is 9500-9600 yuan / ton. The acetone market in East China refers to a narrow downward trend, and the negotiation is 5650 yuan / ton. The downstream epoxy resin comes from the negative support of the cost side, the market is sorted and operated, and there is little fluctuation. For reference, it leaves the factory in barrels of 29000-30000 yuan / ton, and the PC end factory is reduced intensively, so the market lacks positive support.

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