On November 23, the sulfur market price declined

Trade name: sulfur

Latest price (November 23): 2010.00 yuan / ton

Key points of analysis: according to the price monitoring of business society, the price trend of sulfur in East China is reduced by a narrow margin today. The average price of solid and liquid sulfur production is 4.44% lower than that of the previous working day. The price of liquid sulfur is reduced by 50 yuan / ton, while the price of solid and liquid sulfur in North China is reduced by 70-140 yuan / ton, and the price of solid and liquid sulfur in Shandong is reduced by 140 yuan / ton. At present, the inventory of refineries in China is low, the downstream demand is general, the winter fertilizer storage has not yet started, there are few new orders for phosphate fertilizer, the terminal consumption does not support sulfur, and the industry holds a wait-and-see attitude towards the future market.

Future forecast: the short-term sulfur market is mainly sorted and operated.

Sulfamic acid