Demand rebounded slightly. Polyester staple fiber prices rose slightly this week (9.13-9.16)

Spot price: The spot price of domestic polyester staple fiber rose slightly this week (9.13-9.16). According to the price monitoring of the business community, the average price of domestic polyester staple fiber was about 7926 yuan/ton on September 16, up 1.39% from last week and 10.84% from the same period last year.


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Futures market: the main force of short fiber futures this week opened at a high level, with a narrow range of concussion and small rise. On Friday, the staple fiber PF futures contract closed at 7508, up 0.56% from the closing price last week. The settlement price is 7470 yuan. This week, the main domestic staple fiber upstream raw material PTA futures fell 0.25% to close at 5668, and the main ethylene glycol futures fell 0.78% to close at 4430.


The price of international crude oil futures fell slightly this week due to the impact of the Federal Reserve’s policy expectation of continuing to raise interest rates aggressively, and US oil fell 1.57% this week (as of 17:05 Beijing time). In the near future, PTA devices continue to be overhauled and shut down to reduce the load. The supply and demand of raw material PX is tight, and the price is firm. Downstream commencement is gradually rising. PTA continues to go to the warehouse, and the spot price is stronger. Affected by the typhoon, the port inventory of ethylene glycol has declined significantly, the operating rate of the downstream traditional peak season has rebounded, the delivery of goods has increased, and the spot price of ethylene glycol has risen slightly. The overall demand for pure polyester yarn and polyester cotton yarn has slightly improved, and the spot transaction has improved compared with the previous period. The overall load of the staple fiber factory has decreased recently, and the supply has decreased. The weaving factory of the downstream yarn factory has turned from the off-season to the peak season. The demand has improved, and the staple fiber cash and futures prices have risen slightly.


In the future, the cost of staple fiber still has strong support. Downstream demand is gradually improving. In terms of spot goods, Yizheng Chemical Fiber has recently reduced production. However, after the new production capacity of Xinfengming is put into operation and some major factories are overhauled, it may restart. The supply is under pressure. The price of staple fiber may fluctuate strongly in the short term. Pay attention to the trend of raw materials and the recovery of downstream orders.