EVA market continued to rise after the festival, and the price moved up

After the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the domestic EVA market continued to rise, showing a trend of first rising and then stabilizing, with the focus moving upward. According to the data monitoring of the business community, the average ex factory price of domestic EVA was 20166.67 yuan/ton on September 12, and 20766.67 yuan/ton on September 19, with a weekly increase of 2.98%, down 11.88% compared with the same period last year.


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As of September 19, EVA factory quotation is as follows:


Product., manufacturer., model., ex factory price

EVA., Yanshan Petrochemical., 18J3., 21000 yuan/ton

EVA., Beijing Organic., Y2022., 19500 yuan/ton

EVA., Yangzi BASF., V5110J., 21800 yuan/ton

This week, the domestic EVA market continued to rise, and the price continued to rise. The increase in the week was mainly concentrated after the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, with a strong trend. After the festival, the ex factory prices of petrochemical enterprises reported continuously high, which brought obvious confidence to the market. In addition, the supply of some bidding goods continued to increase, which was good for the market mentality. The mentality of businessmen was good, and the price went up to a certain extent. However, in terms of demand, although Jinjiu ushered in the peak demand season, the demand for foaming materials did not increase as expected. Most of them were just in need of follow-up. The demand for photovoltaic materials was stable, and there was no change. The wait-and-see mood of the industry was strong, and the market trading atmosphere was general.


After the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, EVA has obviously increased, and then entered the consolidation stage. The current market has obvious positive factors, and the price is relatively firm. However, due to the fact that the increase of terminal demand did not meet the expectation, the downstream was cautious, Duowei kept making up on demand, and the wait-and-see mood was strong, which brought some restraint to the rising market. It is expected that in the short term, the domestic EVA market price will be relatively strong.